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Hi, I'm Lenna

I am a private chef based in Surrey and I specialise in preparing and delivering fresh, healthy & natural food, from my kitchen to yours.
My career as a chef has spanned many different areas including, private yachts, wellness retreats, sports professionals, private homes and ski chalets.
I provide all clients with an in-depth consultation and really listen to what their individual needs are, as what works for one person may not work for another.  
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How it Works.

Whether you’re looking to introduce more healthy food into your diet, maintain a healthy lifestyle, or are catering to any specific health issues or intolerances I can provide a menu to suit your needs. I am also happy to work in conjunction with your health practitioner or nutritionist.


I specialise in vegetarian menus that cater to all of your nutrition needs. Some of my clients enjoy having a few ‘meat-free’ days per week or are simply interested in tasting some new interesting foods and combinations of flavours. I will deliver to you three times per week or less frequently depending on your requirements.

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Ingredients with integrity

I focus on using high quality ingredients to boost the

nutritional profile of all my meals



Saturated fats have had a lot of unfair negative press; however, the damaging fats are the so-called healthy vegetable oils. Oils such as sunflower oil, soybean oil, rapeseed oil are misleadingly labelled ‘heart healthy’ however, due to the high amount of Omega 6 they contain and the presence of trans fats when these oils are heated, they have been proven to contribute to inflammation in the body. Inflammation is an underlying factor in some of the most common Western diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and arthritis. These polyunsaturated fats have become overconsumed and mislabelled over the last hundred years, as they are cheap and easy to produce in bulk. Not all oils are healthy to use at high temperatures, heated past its smoke point the fats starts to break down releasing free radicals. Free radicals attack important macromolecules leading to cell damage and disruption in the body. It is for these reasons that I use stable saturated fats when cooking such as:


  • Unrefined organic coconut oil (without coconut flavour)

  • Extra virgin olive oil (at low temperatures)

  • Avocado oil

  • Ghee (the fat from butter with the milk solids removed)

  • Butter (for baking)

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Refined sugar is highly over-consumed in our modern western diet and in playing a major role in contributing to health conditions. All refined sugars are fast releasing meaning they cause a spike in blood sugar levels. The high you get from a blood sugar spike is often followed by a dip, which can be responsible for low energy, altered mood, or a craving for more sugar/caffeine or other stimulant. Consuming too much refined sugar also has a knock-on effect such as disrupting insulin, storing excess as fat, and hormone disruption. The key to avoiding these negative effects, is to balance your blood sugar. Sugar is not only found in sweets, it’s also found in white refined carbohydrates such as pasta, bread, crackers. These foods are also treated by your body as sugar and will lead to the same disruptive effects.


My foods are created to provide you with a stable release of energy throughout your day. I use fats and protein to balance your blood sugar, and use sugar alternatives to sweeten my foods, these include:

As a comparison, refined white sugar is 100GL

Dates- high in fibre and nutrients (42GL)

Maple syrup- much lower glycaemic load than refined sugar (GL 7)

Coconut sugar- much lower glycaemic load than sugar (GL 34)

Xylitol- a sugar alcohol that is extracted from plants (looks and feels like sugar) (10GL)

Stevia- A natural sweetener derived from the stevia plant (0GL)

*GL refers to the glycaemic load. Formula for calculating the GL of a particular food or meal is: Glycaemic Load = GI x Carbohydrate (g) content per portion ÷ 100.


As you can see these sugar alternatives are much less likely to spike your blood sugar, and do not cause the same damage to the body as refined white sugar does. The method I use is to combine several of these alternatives together to create a delicious flavour as well as a steady release of energy. I include sweet treats as part of a healthy meal plan, so you don’t suffer through cravings or feel like you’re missing out.



I am a private chef based in Surrey and I specialise in preparing and delivering fresh, healthy & natural food, from my kitchen to yours.

My career as a chef has spanned many different areas including, ski chalets, private yachts, wellness retreats, sports professionals, and private homes. I began incorporating nutrition into my cooking around 7 years ago when I experienced some digestive health issues whilst working at sea. I decided to find and treat the root cause of my problem naturally and without medication. Using a combination of fasting followed by a diet of fresh unprocessed foods I was able to completely eliminate my symptoms.


I took time to learn about raw food, vegan cooking, and how to substitute refined sugars and other problematic foods in my favourite recipes; it was like learning to cook all over again! I couldn’t believe all the techniques and ingredients that could be used instead of the staples that most chefs rely on in the kitchen. I don’t subscribe to any labels when it comes to how I cook. I enjoy a flexible approach and encourage intuitive eating without strict rules or diets.

I was blessed with the opportunity to travel to some incredible destinations during my time working on yachts and I learned to combine the flavours from my travels with my knowledge of healthy cooking.

Having lived in Surrey for the last few years, I noticed a lack of healthy and high-quality chef prepared meals for delivery. Lenna’s kitchen is unique in that all the ingredients are of the highest quality and provide nourishment as well as sustenance. I explain more about this on the ‘ingredients’ page.


I try and use as much locally grown produce as I can, including shopping at local farm shops where possible. All my packaging is biodegradable, and I avoid using any plastic when preparing or storing food. The chemicals in plastic usually contain hormone-disrupting chemicals which leech into our foods.


I provide you with an in-depth consultation and really listen to what your individual needs are, as what works for one person may not work for another.


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